Royana Art Studio –  Congratulations, you just found your creative place in Sofia!
Due to the extraordinary circumstances linked to COVID-19
Royana Art Studio will operate online and will do online art classes for kids and adults until 13 May. Various options: you can use own materials, we can deliver materials, can be done in English as well. Please, give us a call if interested.
We do art camp every school holiday and we do art plein-air events for kids (in beautiful towns and villages of Bulgaria) – give us a call to find out what is coming next 🙂

We are proud to say that for sixth consecutive year we are partners of the Anglo-American School in Sofia in doing the after-school art classes. Also we can organise for you birthday parties (for both kids and adults), hen parties, etc. at our studio or your location. If you have any art idea, contact us!

Do not hesitate, dare to try and unleash your creativity!